Kokeile nyt!


With Customers App none of your customers will be forgotten. Here you can find all your customers quick and easy.
You will also see in Customers App all the sent and not paid invoices.


With Invoices App You can create easily and quick invoices for your customers. App works as an archive for your invoices - no more stacks of invoices on your desk!
App also works together with Customers App (Supposing that both are in use) to ease invoicing even more - you just choose receiver from a menu and all the customer information will be applied to the invoice automatically.

Work Accumulator

With Work Accumulator App you will remember all your past work. All the work and the customer you have done will be marked here.
With Invoices App invoicing for work is easier than before - you can choose the work that you want to invoice and create an invoice from them, only with a couple of clicks!


With Reports App you can create reports from all the sent invoices. Want to quickly see all paid invoiecs from last year separated by month? No worries, this can be done with a couple of clicks!
You can create reports f.ex. by day, by month and by customer.